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Never Miss a Chance to Connect With Your Clients

CoFlow monitors and alerts you of significant milestones in your contacts' lives such as birthdays, home purchase anniversaries, wedding anniversaries, and more.

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Effortlessly Maintain Your Relationships

You're a dedicated real estate agent looking to nurture relationships and generate more business. We understand how busy life gets, how easy it can be to focus on finding new clients and unintentionally neglect the relationships you've built.

This is where CoFlow steps in.

CoFlow is your personal guide, keeping track of your contacts' key dates like birthdays, home purchase anniversaries, wedding anniversaries, and more. But we don't just track these moments, we actively notify you with a timely text message, even including a tailored template on what to say. You'll have the opportunity to reach out to your clients at just the right times, maintaining those crucial connections without the added stress of remembering all the details.

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Ready to never forget a key connection?

With CoFlow, success means never forgetting to reach out to your clients at the crucial moments. By staying in flow with your clients, you'll not only maintain strong relationships, but also build more business.

Don't let the busyness of your day lead to neglecting relationships and missing opportunities for future business and referrals. Sign up for CoFlow today and let us be your guide to maintaining strong relationships and building your successful real estate business.

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Hi, I'm Coflow! I make it easy to stay in flow with your people.
I'll text you anytime there's a good reason to reach out to someone in your sphere. Here's an example:
Today is Leslie Smith's home anniversary. They purchased their home 3 years ago. Reach out to them and wish them a happy anniversary! Or you can just COPY and PASTE the message below.
Hey Leslie! Just wanted to wish you a Happy Home Anniversary!! Can you believe it has already been 3 years since you bought your house?? Time flies doesn't it?
That's awesome! How do I get started?

"With CoFlow, I no longer worry about forgetting key dates or missing chances to reconnect. The platform seamlessly tracks birthdays, home purchase anniversaries, and even wedding anniversaries, and sends me a timely text message with everything I need to reach out. The pre-made templates are a lifesaver, making it quick and effortless to maintain that personal connection. I recently received a text reminding me of a client's home anniversary and followed up with a call. They were thrilled to hear from me and even mentioned a friend looking to buy a property. That simple call, made possible by CoFlow, turned into a new business opportunity. CoFlow has truly allowed me to stay in 'flow' with my contacts. I feel more organized, more thoughtful, and most importantly, more connected with my clients. It's not just a tool; it's an essential part of my business now. I wholeheartedly recommend CoFlow to any real estate agent who wants to nurture relationships and grow their business."

Micheal Gough